We Also Offer Hail Damage Repair to Homeowners.

We at DMG Roofing take a completely different approach to the age-old art of selling roofs by way of overwhelming people at their doors the day a storm hits and annoying them so much that they just want a roofing sign in their yard to be left alone.

Instead we want our customers to come to us due to known quality and word-of-mouth marketing from previous clients. We choose to install full roofing systems and only full roofing systems. This is one of the many things that sets us aside from our counterparts. The great quality of installation is achieved  by hand nailing the shingles onto the decking. The other thing that differentiates us from our competitors is the Lifetime National Warranty that we offer on all our products, both materials and installation.

Roofing in Texas:

  1. There is no licensing required in Texas for roofing companies.
  2. Insurance companies are required to bring commercial and residential structures up to code when replacing a roof.
  3. Most roofs can  be replaced in one day.
  4. Manufacturers require full roofing systems in order to qualify for the extended/lifetime warranty’s.
  5. The average roof in Texas is 135 Degrees and if not properly ventilated can increase roof temperatures, which will void warranty’s.

We choose to be a GAF Certified company because we feel their products are superior to that of their competitors. This simply means that we use GAF Products and only GAF Products.

There are a lot of companies out there willing to cut corners and complete subpar work, we choose not to be one of those companies. If you want quality work completed correctly the first time, then feel free to give us a call.

We also install other types of roofing systems which are listed below:

  • Spanish Tile (Even the specialty Clay Tiles From Italy & Other Places)
  • Slate (True Virginia Slate Tile Roof Systems)
  • Metal R Panel & Other Ty-Spanish Tile (Even the specialty Clay Tiles From Italy & Other Places)
  • Slate (True Virginia Slate Tile Roof Systems)
  • Metal R Panel & Other Types of Metal Roofing
  • Alcoa (Aluminum Shingles)
  • Decra (Stone Coated Steel)
  • Davinci (Faux Slate & Wood Shake Shingle Material)
  • Wood Shake (Traditional Wood Shake Roofing Systems)
  • Faux Spanish Tile Systems
  • Flat Roof Systems (Built-Up Roofs, TPO, Coatings, Roll-out, Specialty & Our Premier Fully Functional Personalized Green Roofing Option


If we are not able to help you with your roofing system, we have other roofing companies that we we will refer you to. All companies we refer out are held to high ethical standards.

DMG Solutions, LLC is the parent company of all DMG service and trademarked companies to include, DMG Roofing, LLC and DMG Paintless Dent Repair, LLC.

If you choose DMG Solutions, LLC to repair both your roof and your vehicles, we offer a free shingle upgrade on your roofing system. Some upgrades may save you up to 25% a year on your homeowner’s insurance.

Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good. This is the motto we choose to stand behind at all DMG Solutions, LLC.

We give a Lifetime Warranty on all of our work for a reason. If you want things done correctly, we are your company!